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Our Upholstery Cleaning Service

The most difficult items in your home to clean are that upholstery. There are a couple of reasons why upholstered furniture is so difficult to clean. First of all is that some of this furniture has unique design shapes that makes reaching all of the upholstered fabric difficult. In addition, different upholstery fabrics require different cleaning methods and the use of the different cleaning products or solutions. Use the wrong cleaning method or solution and you are likely to end up with running colors or ugly permanent water spots. Our professional upholstery-cleaning technicians at Boston Carpet Cleaning, can thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture and leave it looking almost new while smelling fresh once again.

Types of Upholstered Furniture We Clean

We clean every type of upholstered furniture made from those dining room chair cushions to those full size sectional sofas. We also clean all different types of upholstery fabrics including:
  Faux leather
  Wool and wool blends
  Polyester and polyester blends
In addition to cleaning that upholstered furniture we also will clean your drapes, blinds and those tapestries on your wall. Many of our upholstery-cleaning customers have stated that we can return their upholstery to 90% of new like condition.

Sometimes, an accident can leave a stain or odor on your clean upholstered furniture that you want taken care of immediately. Should that occur we would be happy to remove those stains and odors for you.

Mattress Cleaning

Bedroom mattresses are one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture when it comes to cleaning. You Mattresses are subjected to many forms of pollution including dust, dead skin cells, perspiration, stains, and possible dust mites. These Pollutants cannot only make it difficult for you to get proper sleep, but can also actually lower the air quality in your bedroom. Every time you turn over in bed dust and other pollutants are thrown up into the air where you then breathe them in which can result in coughing and your mouth and throat becoming dry. These pollutants can be especially harmful to people suffering from respiratory conditions.

Health experts suggest that cleaning your mattresses 2 or 3 times a year not only can improve the air quality of your bedroom, but also will result in a better night’s sleep.
Our Upholstery cleaning technicians can steam clean your mattresses removing all of those pollutants as well as any stains and odors resulting in a better night’s sleep and a better bedroom air quality. In addition, steam cleaning that mattress will kill any germ and bacteria benefiting your overall health.

Whether you want to have your mattresses cleaned with the rest of your upholstery or separately we can get the job done.

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